Size Guide

Ring Size Guide

Please provide your correct ring size when ordering. The most accurate way to do this is to pop into your local Jewellers and be sized professionally.

If this is not possible, I can post out a plastic sizer to you. Click here to order yours for just £3.00 (including free delivery). Bear in mind if you are ordering a chunky ring, this will feel tighter than a slimmer ring. Also, your fingers change slightly when hot or cold so measure your finger when they feel at an average temperature.

If you are purchasing for a gift, it is possible to measure the internal diameter of another ring which would fit on the required finger. Try to take as accurate a measurement as possible.

If the ring is not the correct size, it can be resized once to fit free of charge plus postage. Any subsequent sizing will be done for a fee plus postage. However, rings set with a piece of milk sea glass or a gemstone, can only be sized up due to the nature of the design.

Bangle Size Guide

Measuring a Good Fitting Bangle or Bangle Bracelet

Measure the inner diameter of a good fitting bangle or bangle bracelet you have. Compare the measurement to the above chart and determine your bangle size. This is a pretty accurate way to measure your bangle size.

To help you find the measurement if you do not have an existing bangle, you could simply use a tape measure.

Place the tape measure over the widest part of the hand. To do this put your hand flat and then bring your thumb (in your palm) and your little finger together. Then wrap the tape measure over the top knuckles of your fingers and pull tight (this will be just off your top thumb knuckle). The top knuckles, being the knuckles nearest your wrist.

Once the bangle is over the knuckles of your hand, then of course it will be relatively loose around your wrist. For a closed bangle, the correct measurement will be where it fits at the widest point.

Do remember that your hands could be different sizes so ensure you measure the hand on which you intend to wear the bangle and to ensure that the tape measure is straight across your knuckles, because the bangle is not flexible.

For an open bracelet/bangle, the correct measurement will be where it fits neatly on the wrist.



Diameter  (inches)


Diameter  (cm)


Approximate inside


oval (inches)


Approximate inside


oval (cm)


S – M





19cm (round 20cm)


M – L





20cm (round 21cm)









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